Buena Vista House
11265 Riverview Street
Independence Or 97351

In the heart of the Willamette…….just a stones throw from the Buena Vista Ferry, 6 miles south of Independence, 14.5 miles east of Airlie, 11 miles north of Albany, and 584 miles north of Sonoma (never forget the family roots).

You can walk, canoe, kayak, bike, drive, run, and some have even flown here.  We are googleable now, but to be sure to call, and we will get ya here.

From the North: On I5, take the "Salem Parkway" exit. Follow the parkway to the Marion Street Bridge. Cross the bridge and continue to the Independence turnoff. Turn left on HWY 51, to Independence. Continue south through Independence to Buena Vista Road. Turn left. Follow Buena Vista Road until Sequoia Street. Turn left, to the building on the right hand corner.

From the South: Take the Albany exit and follow the marked route to Corvallis, until your cross the bridge. On the other side of the bridge, turn right onto Spring Hill Road. Take Spring Hill until you get to Buena Vista Road. Turn on right onto Buena Vista Road and continue to Sequoia. You have arrived.

Or to experience a bit or Oregon history and charm ride the Buena Vista Ferry. From I-5 take the Talbot Exit west and follow the signs to the ferry landing (approx. 8 mi). After crossing go up the hill turn right on Riverview and look for Buena Vista House after a short block on the left. Ferry hours are from 7aqm-7pm every day except for Thanksgiving and Christmas days. On rare occasions, due to river levels, the ferry can be closed. Check with Marion County if you have concerns. Automobiles are $3.00, Bikes $1.00 and foot traffic is free.

Buena Vista House