Things be good as always in Buena Vista. I will have the cafe doors open for one more, short and final season. Tis true, if you heard, I am closing down the business on August 27th. Gonna reshape my life into a different adventure. I'll still be a resident of this wonderful valley, but will now have time to enjoy it's bounty even more. After Labor Day weekend Travis will be taking the reins and keep the cafe running until the end of September.  If that isn't strange enough Travis and the lovely Kalah are going to take over the business next season! So have no fear the Buena Vista House will be vibrant as ever.

The cafe will be open Thursday thru Sunday 8-12, no reservations  needed. The holiday weekends may be a bit busy cuz there is limited seating, but Travis will be here to keep you entertained and hydrated.The pizza fires will start again in June and those evenings are arranged by reservations and private events. Give me a call or  keep an eye on the website  for the scheduled dates.  

Just in case you were wondering August eclipse is booked  for lodging, but good luck finding a place. 

With love and gratitude,